Share the gift of Royal Aloha!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And what a better way to celebrate the holidays than by sharing the gift of Royal Aloha? Why not use your Royal Aloha weeks to give to family, friends or exchange? How about a quick getaway before the holidays or afterwards for some R&R? Or, enjoy having “No-Christmas Surcharge” in Branson to explore all of the holiday events Ozark-style. Go to plan your family vacation in Branson today!

Below is a three-month window showing Royal Aloha’s availability. Not enough weeks? Royal Aloha’s Holiday Special is still available — Click here for more information. To find out more, call us toll-free at 1-800-367-5212 (US & Canada) or direct at 1-808-847-8040.

Remember, exchanging your weeks opens up doors to many more exciting destinations worldwide and can also extend the usage life of your Royal Aloha week(s). Dial an Exchange (DAE) is still offering free memberships to Royal Aloha members. Visit today to join! Also, DAE’s Bonus Weeks offers last minute availability featuring resorts all over the world is made available to you and your family without using your membership week. This week’s Bonus Week’s features availability in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach Area.


1 = 1 or more one-bedroom units available; 2 = 1 or more two-bedroom units available
(Dates reflected are check-in dates – Monday)

Please Note: Special policies allow more flexibility for reservations made within 60-day of the arrival date such as:

  • Ability to upgrade/downgrade a reservation to a different unit size (fee may apply)
  • Ability to book another Hawaii Reservations even if you already have another one on a different date
  • Ability to rent available weeks at an attractive rate without using the weeks in your membership

This information will be updated bi-weekly and distributed to members who have subscribed to our blogs.

We hope this service will help our members to further take advantage of the the vacation opportunities available with their Royal Aloha membership!

DAE Bonus Feature Destination: South Carolina, Myrtle Beach area*

*There are lots more weeks available at locations all over the world, click here to see other Bonus Week locations available. Visit DAE at to explore all the possibilities.