Royal Aloha Vacation Club
Proposed Merger & Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our members, maybe even yourself, purchased their RAVC membership in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Fast forward 40 years, and you’ll understand that our membership base has aged, and many members are not traveling as much as they used to, or not at all. This translates into about 400 weeks a year being turned back to the Club. While the Club has tried to pursue sales, the truth of the matter is that we have been successful only in selling about 50 weeks a year. This doesn’t keep pace with the weeks that are being returned to us. We used to have approximately 12,000 members, we now have about 6,000, and it looks like this number will keep on shrinking. As you may recall, this is why the Club began selling underutilized condos in areas outside of Hawaii with our “Right Sizing” program a couple of years ago. What does this mean to you? A smaller membership base will mean higher maintenance fees for each of you because there would be less members to share the cost of operating the Club. Therefore, we are proposing a merger with VI Resorts, which will enhance and up the value of your membership for both you and your family members.

Q: Why is RAVC’s Board of Directors recommending to merge with another vacation company?
A: Merging with a well-established, financially sound company will bring additional stability for your future vacations. Many costs can be stabilized/reduced and inflationary risk will be lessened due to the increased size of the member base. This will also increase the number of resorts and/or locations for improved member satisfaction. Without a viable sales avenue, RAVC’s owner base will continue to shrink. VI Resorts, on the other hand, has an active sales program, and, through new member sales and mergers has continued to grow its member base and resort locations.

Q: Why VI Resorts?
A: VI Resorts is a well-established (1974) member controlled timeshare company with locations that meet our members travel patterns. The flexibility of their points based reservations system gives you the power to choose: how long your stay will be, what unit size you use, and which day of the week you check-in. Additionally, VI Resorts has maintained lower than industry average increases in their annual dues while enjoying above average guest satisfaction scores.

Q: Why is a merger being presented now?
A: The Board has considered a number of alternatives over the past few years including “Right Sizing.” As a standalone company, the future of RAVC is not going to improve. The Board’s responsibility to the members is to ensure that the future of the Club is secure and viable and as such unanimously agrees that this is the best option to perpetuate the members’ privileges. By merging now, RAVC members will receive all of the benefits of a VI membership with no cost. Additionally, members in good standing will receive a share of RAVC’s liquid assets in the form of a rebate, and a unique priority reservation privilege at RAVC’s Hawaii properties for the life of their membership. Also there will be two seats on the VIOA Board of Directors given to two of our present Directors.

Q: How much is the rebate and when will it be paid?
A: It is difficult to determine the exact amount of the rebate at this time but we estimate that it will be paid prior to the effective date of the merger currently scheduled for fall of 2020.

Q: What percentage of members are required to Vote “yes” for the merger to be approved?
A: A “yes” vote from a majority of all RAVC membership weeks (50% +1) are required for approval. Your Board of Directors urges you to vote to approve.

Q: What happens if the merger is not approved by the members?
A: RAVC will remain in business. The “right-sizing” concept of selling off condominiums to match the shrinking member base will continue, eventually eliminating some RAVC resorts entirely. In addition, you can expect your annual dues to increase at a much greater rate than in the past, due to fewer members and more fixed expenses.

Q: How does the conversion to VI membership work?
A: All of your RAVC weeks will be converted to VI points at no cost. One bedroom weeks receive 105 points and two bedroom weeks receive 130 points per week annually.

Q: What if I no longer want to be a member of RAVC or VI resorts?
A: The Board still encourages you to vote “yes” for the merger. After you receive your rebate* and the merger is finalized, you may simply choose not to convert to VI Resorts and your membership will automatically terminate without any cost to you. (VI would still honor any paid reservations and accumulated weeks in your account.)

*Must be a member in good standing at the time of distribution.

Q: What about future reservations I’ve already made?
A: Regardless whether you convert to VI Resorts or not,

    • All current reservations you have will be honored.
    • All your unexpired accumulated RAVC weeks will be honored.
    • All exchange reservations you currently have will be honored.

Q: What will happen to the current RAVC “Hawaii Reservation Rule”?
A: The current RAVC Hawaii reservation rule will go away, however VI has a special reservation window that is available ONLY to RAVC members that convert their RAVC weeks to VI points. It allows for you to make a reservation up to 13 months in advance for current RAVC properties located in Hawaii for as long as you are a VI member, using the weeks you have converted.

Q: Will the energy surcharge of $35 1-bedroom / $45 2-bedroom continue?
A: There are no energy fees within VI.

Q: When will my VI membership begin?
A: VI Points are allocated on July 1st. You have a choice to have your first allocation of VI Points allocated on July 1, 2020 (retroactively) or July 1, 2021. VI operates on a use year that begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 of each year.

Q: How much is the VI maintenance fee?
A: The VI operating fund assessment (maintenance fee) is billed per VI points owned – currently at $7.98 (USD) per point. The Use Year runs July 1 through June 30. You will receive your VI annual operating fund statement on July 1st, and have the option of paying in full by July 31st (USD) or paying monthly with a 1% finance charge.

Q: How does that compare with RAVC maintenance fees?
A: Based on the proposed week-to-point conversion ratio in the merger agreement, the following is a chart comparing VI and RAVC’s annual fees. Since RAVC charges an energy charge for each check-in and VI does not, we have added the energy charge ($35/$45 for one- and two-bedroom respectively) to RAVC’s annual fee in order to have a fair comparison:

Vacation Internationale
Maintenance Fee
Royal Aloha
(Regular Dues +
Energy Charge
One Bedroom
(105 Points)
Two Bedroom
(130 Points)







While it appears that VI’s current equivalent annual fee is slightly higher than that of RAVC, your Board feels that the more important fact to consider is future trend. In the past 8 years, RAVC’s average annual increase had been around 2.6% while VI’s average increase was only half of that at 1.3%. Even more worrisome, due to declining membership, RAVC’s rate of increase has been escalating each year. For example, the 2020 RAVC budget includes a 4.6% increase in maintenance fees, tripling the rate of increase just 5 years ago. Your Board believes that, as a standalone company, RAVC’s annual fee would surpass that of VI in couple years and would continue to escalate at a higher rate due to the unpleasant reality of our aging membership demographics.

Q: Can I still purchase additional membership weeks from RAVC?
A: Yes, but only until March 30, 2020. No exceptions.

Q: Can I still make reservations through RAVC?
A: Yes, feel free to contact RAVC Reservations at (800) 367 5212 or online at

Q: What if going to Hawaii is the only place I want to go to?
A: We have thought of that and placed a condition on the transfer of our Hawaii properties. As mentioned previously, the current RAVC Hawaii reservation rule will go away, however VI has a special reservation window that is available ONLY to RAVC members that convert their RAVC weeks to VI points. It allows for you to make a reservation up to 13 months in advance for current RAVC properties located in Hawaii for as long as you are a VI member and using the membership weeks you have converted. This gives you priority before any other VI members. Additionally, VI has 10 other Hawaii properties for you to access within their 12 month booking window. Your opportunities will expand!

Q: How many points do I need to stay in a RAVC resort in Hawaii?
A: All Hawaii RAVC properties will have the same point values for Hawaii. Please see the table below for the nightly breakdown based on the size and season.

Current RAVC
Hawaii Properties



December 15-April 30

July 1-August 31 and November 16-December 14

May 1-June 30 and September 1-November 15







RAVC CONVERSION: 1 Bedroom converts to 105 VI Points and 2 Bedroom converts to 130 VI Points