The World at Your Fingertips

Exchange your Royal Aloha week for time at resorts around the world.  By joining an exchange company, you open up the possibilities of exciting vacation opportunities at thousands of resorts in over 100 countries. Generally, most exchange companies follow basic exchange practices. Below are common practices which we hope will enlighten your knowledge on how to make your Royal Aloha membership work for you and how you can go about exchanging your RAVC weeks.

  • Select & Enroll with an Exchange Company
  • Book your week for deposit by calling RAVC at (800) 367-5212
  • Deposit your reservation to your selected Exchange Company
  • Search and book your desired vacation through your Exchange Company directly

That’s it!  See how simple it is to exchange your Royal Aloha weeks with the three largest exchange companies – DAE, II and RCI. Click on the respective links below. If you haven’t signed up yet, consider joining an exchange company and travel to almost anywhere your heart desires.  The possibilities are endless…