What Makes Royal Aloha Vacation Club Different from a Typical Timeshare Offer?


  • No 90-minute sales presentation
  • Join us at your convenience to learn more about the features and benefits of Royal Aloha Vacation Club membership. All of our prospective members are free to come and go as they please.
  • Royal Aloha Vacation Club employs just one salesperson to handle all new membership requests. You will be treated with the utmost respect at all times.
  • With membership prices of $4,900 and $6,900, there is no need for financing. Just pay for your membership with a personal check or credit card.
  • Many Royal Aloha Vacation Club membership requests are handled via email or direct telephone conversations initiated by our prospective new members.
  • Royal Aloha Vacation Club will only accept payment after all membership documents are reviewed and approved by you. 
  • No confusing Points programs
  • No commitments to a specific calendar week or color-coded seasonal weeks.
  • Royal Aloha Vacation Club is a Member Owned non-profit corporation.
  • Royal Aloha Vacation Club is a multi-destination club with locations in Hawaii, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Mexico and Spain. As a Royal Aloha member, you have the right to vacation annually at the location of your choice at a time convenient to your schedule.
  • You own a perpetual membership which you can pass on to family or friends at any time.
  • Royal Aloha Vacation Club operates debt-free. All condominiums are owned by the Club free and clear.
  • Royal Aloha Vacation Club is dually affiliated with Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II). Royal Aloha Vacation Club members who join an exchange network may trade their Royal Aloha Vacation Club weeks for thousands of domestic and international destinations.
  • 92% of all new RAVC members were referred by current RAVC members or were exchange guests at a Club resort destination.
  • Royal Aloha Vacation Club’s real estate is held as Fee Simple. No land leases to expire or renegotiate.

For a limited time, Royal Aloha Vacation Club memberships are available for $4,900 plus closing fees of $395 for a one-week/one-bedroom membership. One-week/two-bedroom memberships are available for $6,900 plus closing fees of $395. Both offers include an Apple iPad Mini* or an instant $229 discount off of the membership price. (* Apple store gift card valued at $329)

Recycled Memberships are limited to available inventory. Please contact Channing Bridges for more information!