More Vacation Connections

Want more destinations?
We have more to offer you with the reciprocal exchanges we’ve arranged for Royal Aloha members.  Choose from a variety of exchanges ranging from Florida to Kauai to Las Vegas to Mexico.  Any one of these will be sure to please you!

How it works
Each reservation week requires the use of your RAVC week plus an exchange fee of $135.00 (US).

But remember…
These are on a request only, space available basis so call early to check on availability!

If you are interested in requesting a week (or two!) at any of these locations, contact RAVC’s Reservations Department to put in your request!
1-800-367-5212, Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 4:30pm, Hawaii Standard Time.

Current Offers

Experience a fabulous Florida vacation at the Summer Bay Resort.

Explore the Garden Isle on Kauai at the Lawai Beach Resort.

Enjoy the excitement of Las Vegas while staying at the Club de SoleilTahiti or Tahiti Village Resorts.

Escape to Mexico for some S & S (Sun & Sea) at the Conchas Chinas Resort in Puerto Vallarta or the Coral Mar Resort in Cancun.