Fee Schedule


2016 Fees Schedule
Description Amount
Annual Dues $660.00 Per One-Bedroom Week
$805.00 Per Two-Bedroom Week
Annual Dues Late Charge $25.00 for the first 30 days
1.5% per month thereafter
3rd-Party Collection Fee for Delinquent Accounts
(Delinquent accounts will be referred to 3rd-party collection agents when they are 90 or more days delinquent)
Actual charges/commissions levied by 3rd party collection agent(s).
Membership Transfer Fee
Immediate Family Transfer
Non-Family Transfer
(*Per Transfer Document Processed)
*$175.00 USD
*$350.00 USD
Reinstatement of Terminated Membership
(Subject to membership availability)
$300 Per year from date of termination plus all delinquent charges and late fees.
Energy Charge Per Week of Occupancy
(Collected at check-in)
*For less than one-week occupancy, the charge is $8 per day
$35.00 Per One-Bedroom/Per Week
$45.00 Per Two-Bedroom/Per Week
Occupancy Fee Per Unit, Per Week
(Currently applies to Hawaii Resorts Only)

Rates subject to change by Hawaii Legislature
$29.00 Per One-Bedroom/Per Week
$35.00 Per Two-Bedroom/Per Week
Christmas Surcharge
(for non-Christmas members)
*Applies to the three-week period starting the third week of December each year.

$200.00 Per One-Bedroom/Per Week
$250.00 Per Two-Bedroom/Per Week
Waikiki Parking Charge $45.00 Per Week or
$10.00 Per Day
Direct Exchange Fee $135.00 Per Week
Reservation Upgrade Fee 
Upgrade from a 1-bedroom to a 2-bedroom Unit
(Within 60 days and on a space-available basis)
$160 – Members
$270 – Non-members
(Fee is Per Unit, Per Week)
Reinstatement of Week Lost Due to Late Cancellation  Less than 60-days notice or One-Year Extension of Time Lost Due to Expiration (w/in the last 12 months)
(Reinstated weeks will be good for 12 months from reinstatement date.)
$200.00 Per Week
Cleaning Fee For Smoking in Units
(Royal Aloha is a smoke-free Club, all members and guests should refrain from smoking in an RAVC unit. Offenders will be charged an extra cleaning fee)
$100.00 minimum charge
Service Charge for Long-Distance Calls
Calls Charged to RAVC Unit Instead of Member’s Credit Card or Home Telephone Number
(To avoid the charge, please use your credit card, calling card, or your cell phone)
$20.00 Plus actual cost of long-distance charge (Service charge is required to cover the cost of research and billing)
Fax Charges $0.25 Per Page Received
$0.50 Per Page Sent Within US
$2.00 Per Page Sent to Foreign Countries
NSF/Returned Check $35.00 Per Check
Maui Resort Fee
(Adopted by the Association effective 11/1/2013)
$30.00 Per Unit/Per Week

All fees listed are in U.S. Dollar.

***All fees and policies are subject to change by an affirmative vote of the Board of Directors. In the event there is a conflict between the fees and policies stated here and the official RAVC fees and/or policies, the official fees and/or policies will apply.